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ToonaCat's Kids Club was an active site from 1997 through early 2000. Its purpose was to encourage creative work by kids. During that time it won numerous awards and "child safe" certifications, and posted thousands of pieces of creative work by kids -- all without ads, or cost to the users. The full site was well over 2000 pages and maintained as a solo effort. I regretfully took down the site Jan 2000. Now it's undergoing re-creation as an archive site for some of the great content submitted by kids from 1997-2000. It will also have some activities added back. As sections are redone and posted you will find the links active in this page, and a description in the what's new page. Please enjoy this look back at "Web history". Note: No submissions are being accepted at this time.

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Kids ClubHouseKeeping Information

  • ClubHouse Opened April 4, 1997 as a personal AOL site.
  • ClubHouse Moved to ToonaCat.com July 9, 1997
  • ClubHouse came down January 20, 2000
  • Clubhouse archive project began July 29,2007
2007 Archive note:Key Connections was the fine web host that ToonaCat called home. The space was donated by the owner out of the goodness of his heart, and a desire to add positive items to the internet for kids.


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