ToonaCat's Kids Club is Closed for Remodeling


Dear Friends of ToonaCat, Thank you so much for all of the fun and support throughout the last 3 years. started out as a fun way for me to learn html, and to do something positive for kids online. It grew and grew, and to date, several thousand kids from all over the world have sent in their wonderful creative work for ToonaCat to see and post. TC and I have made many friends and have had a great time encouraging kids to be creative. has never been a business, a corporate site, a way to make money, or anything other than a hobby. But now, with the arrival of new government regulations regarding kids' privacy online, combined with the needs of my family and work life, I have decided to take down and revamp it.

Sadly, no longer will we be able to accept creative work from kids to post, but we will keep the archives of former postings. We also hope to expand some other activities as time allows. Over the years TC and I have gotten the following questions very often, so as a final FYI, here are the answers once again:

TC is a real cat. He's grey and striped and likes to sit on my lap while I am working at the computer. He loves kids. TC's cat-brothers and cat-sister are also real cats. Their names are Teddy Bear, (grey) and Starla (tabby). TC is 11 and 1/2. His birthday is Sept 1. His eyes are really golden, but he likes me to draw them green. His nose and ears are not really bright pink, but I like those colors. Vanilla ice-cream is his favorite food (but he doesn't get it very often). He also loves pizza, tuna, and chicken. He really does type sometimes, but it looks like this ";hkasghdgSkjsdkj.", so I have to translate for him.

Thanks again from TC and Laurie (his cat-mama).

PS, Click here if you would like a coloring picture to print out of TC waving good-bye.

2007 - archive note: This was a letter we posted when we took the site down in early 2000. TC is now almost 17 years old, and still loves to sit on my lap while we work on the site.
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